The International Toxic Adulterant Database

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The International Toxic Adulterant Database (ITAD) was created by the Colombo Plan to monitor the spread of toxic adulterating substances in the drug supply internationally as well as document the public health risks associated use of these various adulterants.
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Recently Added Publications and Presentations

  • Evaluation of the cytotoxicity of the mixtures tetrahydrocannabinol- cannabinol and tetrahydrocannabinol-cannabidiol in vitro model of Glia precursor cells

    R. A. Rocha, D. Diaz, J. Figueroa, R. Manzo2, B. Duffau, I. Triviño
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  • Análisis de Cannabis incautada en Chile / Analysis of seized Cannabis in Chile

    B. Duffau, K. Alcaman, D. Morales, M. Tapia, M. Viacava
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  • Composition Profile of Cocaine in Chile: The Current Situation and Adulteration with Levamisole /Perfil de composición de la cocaína de diseño en Chile: estado y los peligros asociados a la adulteración con levamisol

    B. Duffau, S. Rojas, P. Fuentes and I. Triviño
    Text in Spanish / Texto en Español
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  • The Identification of Toxic Adulterants in Seized Drug Material Around the World

    Rodriguez Salas, J., Mohr, A., Browne, T. and Logan, B.
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  • Method Validation and Detection of Adulterants in 1582 Seized Drug Exhibits by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

    T.R. Fiorentin, A. Mohr, M. F. Fogarty, D.M. Martin, T. Browne, T. L. Conti, A. Standifer, L. Bouchard, M. Gilbert, T. Tripp, J. Watson, S.Molloy, B. K. Logan
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  • America's Hidden Drug Epidemic: It's More than Opioids

    M.S. Gold, T. Browne and D. Martin
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