Tongue and Oral Tethers

Ankyloglossia is a congenital defect found in 1-10% of newborns and infants in the United States. It may run in families and is more common in males. Many infants and children may have no symptoms or difficulties with their tongue or lip tie, but others may have symptoms.

Tongue and/or lip ties may contribute to problems with:
  • Breastfeeding: Trouble latching or maintaining a latch, inefficient feedings, weight gain difficulty, maternal pain or discomfort, possibly reflux or gassiness
  • Speech articulation issues
  • Mechanical tasks, such as licking the lips

Infants and children with a tongue or lip tie who are not having any symptoms may not need treatment. However, when an infant or child is having difficulties related to their tongue or lip tie, a frenotomy or release of the tethered band of tissue can be beneficial.

At Otolaryngology Associates, our providers can effectively release tongue and lip ties in the office using either scissors or a CO2 laser. Post-procedure exercises and follow up with a lactation consultant or speech therapist may be recommended after the procedure is performed to help optimize outcomes.

Risks of frenotomy include: pain, bleeding, damage to salivary glands and the possibility that the release does not resolve all feeding or speech problems.

If you are having any of the above difficulties or suspect your child may have a tongue or lip tie, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists today.
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