Customized Packing and Crating Solutions

GTS provides in-house customized crating solutions for the safe transport of challenging and high value commodities, including server racks and similar electronics. GTS reviews the commodity type, mode(s) of transport, delivery location and destination climate to ensure that the most appropriate packaging and crating solution is designed and provided, including vapor barrier bagging.

Example: High value consumer electronics destined for a tropical climate in Central Africa would be wrapped with air-tight vapor barrier bagging prior to securing inside of a crate lined with anti-static polyethylene foam.

GTS’ crating services exceed both Mil Spec and ASTM (Designation: D6256/D6256M-10) standards of performance, which is vital to ensuring the safe delivery of cargo to austere environments. In order to exceed crate designation standards, GTS invests in high quality materials to build our crates, including Grade 2 lumber and CDX plywood.