Hazardous Cargo...Anywhere

GTS has a history of embracing unique challenges that many other forwarders are not willing to take on. One such aspect of the logistics industry where GTS thrives is in handling cargo containing Dangerous Goods (hazmat). With our expert knowledge and customer focused approach, GTS has the ability to transport all kinds of hazardous cargo nearly between anywhere on the globe.

In addition to more common dangerous goods, GTS is also well versed in handling restricted types of cargoes including but not limited to:

Lithium batteries 

GTS remains continually up-to-date on the rapidly changing regulations concerning the transport of lithium ion / metal batteries. As lithium batteries become more prevalent as power sources for all types of equipment, this knowledge helps ensure our customer’s shipping needs are met without fail.

Radioactive material

GTS assists current customers in managing several different types of radioactive cargo including: contaminated tools and equipment for use in nuclear power plants, commercial fuel, radioactive sources for use in medical facilities or calibration of equipment, laboratory samples for research facilities and construction / detection equipment containing radioactive sources.

Biological samples

GTS has the capability to transport perishable / hazardous biological samples across the globe. No matter the commodity or destination, GTS will find a way to get our customer’s cargo to its final location ensuring viability of the contents and compliance with all transport regulations.

Explosives / IATA Forbidden

GTS has experience working with many different types of Class 1 cargo including small arms ammunition, non-lethal ammunition (eg. smoke grenades and tear gas cartridges), explosives for use in oilfield operations and larger military ordinance typically considered “forbidden” for commercial transport.