Export Compliance

GTS employs a dedicated Compliance Officer to oversee both U.S. export and import compliance, and to maintain GTS’ compliance for a variety of regulatory requirements for both the government and NGOs. GTS handles daily shipments that require export license types including but not limited to DSP-94s, DSP-73s and DSP-5s. GTS’ Compliance Officer, along with management’s support and oversight, is responsible for maintaining GTS’ Export Compliance Program. All GTS employees undergo bi-annual training, both internally and externally, to reinforce and to remain atop of any updates to the regulations.

To date GTS maintains a 100% compliance rate within our BIS and ITAR reporting. Copies of GTS’ compliance records validating that are available upon request.

In addition to GTS’ dedication to export compliance, we have been a member of C-TPAT since 2003 and strictly follow all applicable guidelines. In compliance with CTPAT requirements, GTS conducts rigorous Partner Evaluation, Selection and Re-Evaluation audits. Whenever possible, GTS prefers to work with C-TPAT certified partners as a demonstration of our commitment to strengthening the supply chain; all import brokers who process entries on behalf of GTS are C-TPAT certified.

US Flag Cargo Preference

GTS is expert in the stringent requirement of U.S. flag-impelled cargo, and manages these services on a daily basis. U.S. Government agencies and contractors routinely rely on GTS’ vast experience and knowledge of transport routes and specialized equipment and vessels – as well as our exceptional performance record – when they need to deliver U.S. Flag –impelled cargo to destinations worldwide.

As a standard and complimentary service; GTS provides monthly Maritime Administration (MARAD) reporting on behalf of all customers at the contract level. GTS has found that managing this requirement on behalf of our clients helps ensure compliance for both our clients and GTS as well as affords the US Government the information they require to properly track US flag vessel usage and maintain national security interests. As needed; GTS Group also assists our clients in obtaining foreign flag waivers.